A&E: Senior Carla Leon began ‘Treatsaholic’ where she creates and sells baked goods and treats


Courtesy of Carla Leon

Leon makes a variety of baked goods for her small business.

In late July 2020, senior Carla Leon launched her Treatsaholic business where she bakes and sells treats. 

“I have always liked to bake. My family always encouraged me to do it, especially during the holidays,” Leon said. 

When she first started, Leon was timid about sharing her passion. With encouragement from her loved ones, however, she decided to create her business, which operates under the Instagram handle @Treatsaholic.

“I was kind of shy, and I never told people (about my business),” Leon said. “If people reposted, I didn’t want people to know because I didn’t know if I was going to be successful or not.” 

Leon has come a long way since then and frequently receives shoutouts from customers on Instagram. Though her business has grown, the menu has remained the same. 

The Treataholic menu has a wide variety of options. Each individual treat can be prepared in a basic format, or can be customized for an additional fee. Leon always uses fresh products. She prepares cookies and bread the night before, rice krispies and chocolate covered strawberries the day of pickup or drop off. 

“I do all of the cooking. I organize and package it. I do everything on my own,” Leon said. “I have two menus: one is baked goods and the others are cooking goods, which are cheesecakes, breads, and then I have my other menu that has chocolate covered strawberries, rice krispies.”

With a wide variety of products on the Treatsaholic menu, customers are able to choose their own designs for the particular treat they want. Leon’s strawberry treats are especially popular.

“I wash the fruits and depending on what theme and colors my customer wants, I set up the chocolates and dip them. The whole process with strawberries can take up to one or two hours depending on what designs they want.” 

Leon guarantees fresh and clean treats for her customers. Due to the coronavirus, she has taken extra precautionary measures to ensure the safety of her customers.

“Because of COVID, masks are worn and sometimes there is no-contact delivery,” Leon said. “However the customer wants, we exchange cash or Paypal, and they get their delivery.” 

For Leon, Treatsaholic is a part-time business as her main goal is to prioritize school so she can focus on going to college. She is proud of her success.

“I never really thought I would be doing this, and I’m honestly surprised at how much it’s grown. I know Ms. Hopp has given me a lot of promos. She’s my biggest and first large order and from there my business kinda grew,” Leon said. “I’m really thankful for all the people who have helped me out and have supported the business.”