CAMPUS: SCHS counseling department provides extra resources for seniors applying to college


Alecia Leshan

Counselors have made a Google Classroom for the class of 2021 with important information about the college application process.

For many seniors, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the college application process on its head. Students are no longer able to visit their prospective schools in-person, and with stress levels already high, some students are struggling more than in past years. 

In order to help, SCHS counselors are available for one-on-one meets with seniors. They also  created a Google Classroom for students, where they hosted four Meets called AppChats, explaining how to navigate the various application processes, including community college. 

“We’ve recorded the workshops and placed them in the senior Google Classroom,” counselor Jeanne Mustille said. “We’ve had them all (seniors) sign into it so that all of the material they need is in there.”

Students like senior Sakshi Kumar appreciated the assistance.

“I think they helped us a lot. They set up a Google Classroom with a bunch of resources. I visited that classroom a lot of times,” Kumar said. 

According to Kumar, some colleges’ requirements changed due to the pandemic, and navigating these changes was difficult. On top of the changes, Mustille said the admissions process has become increasingly more competitive. 

“I think that seniors are always stressed at this time of year, especially since it’s been harder and harder to get into the UCs (University of California system),” Mustille said. 

A four-year college, however, is not the only option. 

“Community colleges will take you even with a D or an F as long as you have graduated or you are 18,” Mustille said. 

For other students, like senior J.C. Ferguson, the application process was not that bad.

“I picked schools that I could use the same couple of applications for via Common App or UC application, which made applying a breeze,” Ferguson said.

According to Mustille, the counseling department has done all they can to aid seniors during this strange time in a stressful process. 

“I feel we have educated our students and assisted them with creating a college list that for the most part includes a safety school,” Mustille said.

Ferguson agrees.

“The Google Classroom set up by our counselors really helped me with any information I didn’t know or understand,” Ferguson said.

For others like senior Steven Gruver, the entire process has been challenging due to this year’s circumstances. 

“The most help I’ve received was through Mr. Butler’s updates, siblings, the senior counseling info Google Classroom and friends,” Gruver said. “It’s also been difficult balancing schoolwork and apps as the workload for my classes have been kept heavy, and staring at a screen all day everyday indoors has been insanely draining. This year had to be the worst year for any student to apply to a school.”