CAMPUS: Many students and staff excitedly await for the field and track renovation to be finished


Sarah Olson

The renovation will most likely finish before it is safe for everyone to return to school.

In April 2020, construction on the SCHS field began, continuing into this 2020-21 school year. 

According to Principal Gregory Shelby, the renovation started earlier than expected, as students were no longer on campus with the switch to distance learning. 

“We should be done before anyone returns to school,” Shelby said. 

The front stadium field facing Benton Street, the fields in the back of SCHS, and the school track are all being renovated. 

“Because so much had been built into the cost analysis for traffic control that we didn’t have to use, we were able to expand the scope of what we’re doing,” Shelby said. 

The stadium field’s construction remains unfinished as it depends on the completion of the track. The track should be completed in January, Shelby said, and he anticipates the back fields will be finished in December. 

Some SCHS activities, such as marching band, are expected to benefit from the renovations. 

“I would pick turf 10 times out of 10 with the marching band,” SCHS music teacher Johnny Erdman said.

Sophomore marching band student Zach Mechlin agrees. 

“I think the new field is great for the marching band because we will have accurate field markers,” Mechlin said. 

In past years, the marching band would dedicate time to ensuring lines on the grass were visible for their practice, according to Erdman. Now that both fields will consist of turf, the lines will stay longer.

With the time spent meticulously painting lines on the field reduced, marching band students may have more time to practice.

In addition to the benefits the renovations provide marching band, many Bruins feel they are an exciting addition to the school’s atmosphere. 

“The new field is a great addition to the school because it will make it much easier to play sports and do P.E. all year round,” sophomore Erin Mizota said. “It also has an SCHS emblem, which makes the field special to our school.”

Along with the work being done on the stadium and back fields, the softball and baseball diamonds have also been renovated. 

“The baseball team finally got some recognition,” baseball player junior Sean Rescate said. “I’m glad SCHS put the time and effort on the renovation.” 

With the new addition, students and staff alike are excited for the end results. 

“Even just being in a clean, organized learning environment changes the perspective of the students, and how they want to learn,” Erdman said. “I just cannot wait for when we can be even more proud of our campus and our school and how nice it is.”