New milk tea cafe attracts students


Courtesy of The Moo Bar's Facebook page

The Moo Bar’s different drinks.

After a long day at school, sophomore Kelly Koh walks a block across to the new milk tea cafe, The Moo Bar, for a thirst quenching drink.

The Moo Bar has been a huge hit among SCHS students after its soft, or lightly announced, opening last week. It is conveniently located in the Kiely Plaza next to campus, which makes it easier for students to go to right after school.

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“I wouldn’t say that it’s any better or any worse than other milk tea places, but because the location is close to our school, I will probably be going there often,” Koh said.

SCHS students with an ID and regular customers who like and follow the store on social media get a 20 percent discount. This sale will end on The Moo Bar’s grand opening, April 15th, tomorrow.

Vivienne Tran, the owner of The Moo Bar as well as the Hoki Poke in San Jose, wanted to open a milk tea place near SCHS solely to cater to the students. The store has milk tea, macaron ice cream and special milk tea served with cotton candy.

Their drinks have a stronger tea taste than other milk tea places, which has been a plus for many SCHS students. Unlike most milk tea cafes, The Moo Bar uses fruit concentrate instead of syrup for sweetener.

According to Tran, the most popular drink has been “On Fleek,” a sweet peach tea.

The location of The Moo Bar is also convenient for students who are looking for a job. Junior Marcus Garcia started working at The Moo Bar, enjoying its milk tea and close location.

“I used to have to always go to San Jose to get good milk tea, but now I can just go across the street,” Garcia said.


On grand opening day tomorrow, April 15th, SCHS students get a buy one get one free discount.