New SCHS English teacher Daniel Eaton started with a major in music


MIranda Hunt

Eaton teaches English 9 Honors, English 11, and English 11/12 SDAIE.

This year, SCHS has welcomed many new staffers to the campus. In the following story, we learn a little bit more about Daniel Eaton.


Despite the fact that both his parents were teachers, new SCHS English teacher Daniel Eaton did not initially plan to be one.

Instead, he started out as a music major.

Starting with the trumpet in fifth grade, Eaton also learned to play the bass, ukulele, guitar, and banjo, as well as writing his own songs and playing in bands.  

But it wasn’t long until he found himself following in the footsteps of his parents.

“I realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t going to be able to make a living as a musician. So I tried to figure out, ‘What else did I like as much as I like music?’” Eaton said.

The answer turned out to be a combination of literature and working with young people.

His first teaching position was at a middle school, but after three years, he realized it wasn’t for him.

“I felt bored with what I was teaching,” Eaton said. “And dealing with all the hormones.”

In the past twelve years, he has taught at five different schools. This year at SCHS, Eaton is teaching English 9 Honors, English 11 and English 11/12 SDAIE, which stands for Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English.

Eaton has quickly been welcomed into the SCHS community through being a leader for Link Crew, a program in which juniors and seniors help the freshmen with their transition into high school. After attending a Link Crew training at his previous school, it fell perfectly in place for him to take charge here.

“I was blown away by how transformative the program is,” Eaton said. “It was something that reinvigorated my desire to help change young people’s lives.”

Through Link Crew and the first few weeks of school, Eaton has been enjoying the SCHS community so far.
“Everyone has each other’s back; the students are very respectful and kind. It just seems like a good place to continue my teaching career,” he said.