New SCHS art teacher Tracey Atkinson has a place in many art galleries for her “darkly vibrant” art


Olivia Jones

Tracey Atkinson teaches Introduction to Art.

Tracey Atkinson creates art that is both beautiful and bizarre, and she teaches her craft to many students at SCHS as one of the new Introduction to Art teachers. Atkinson has been teaching for five years, teaching in east San Jose before coming to Santa Clara.

Atkinson is a graduate of Pratt Institute, where she won the Certificate of Excellence Award for Outstanding Merit in Illustration.

On her website, her artwork is described as “darkly vibrant” and has earned her a place in many galleries and art showcases, such as the LES Gallery in NY and G2 Gallery. One of her most famous pieces is a mural of a hand with glossy, black tendrils flowing from it, which she painted in a park in Jefferson City, Miss.

Heavily influenced by her mother, Atkinson developed her love for art at a young age. While her mother wasn’t a professional artist, she possessed a love for painting, which she passed on to her daughter.

“When I create a new piece of art, I get lost in it. I forget about the rest of the world,” Atkinson said.

When developing her own style, Atkinson looked to a lot of different artists, such as Frida Kahlo, for inspiration.

“A style of art is like handwriting,” Atkinson said. “When you’ve tried enough times, you start to do what comes naturally.”

Not only does Atkinson enjoy creating art, but she also helps others while doing so. A piece of hers entitled “Student, Brooklyn NY” was sold to raise money for a charity organization that helps kids in Africa.

Closer to home, Atkinson helps many students bring out their inner artistic abilities.

“I love art, and I love helping others, so [teaching] seemed like the natural path to go,” Atkinson said.


To learn more about Atkinson’s art, check out her website: