New SCHS science teacher Saheed Mohamed planned to be a doctor before realizing his teaching passion


Ankith Maremanda

Saheed Mohamed teaches Chemistry and Chemistry Honors.

Saheed Mohamed is one of the new teachers at SCHS, teaching Chemistry and Chemistry Honors. He has been teaching for eight years–most recently at San Jose High School before joining the SCHS staff

“I made the switch because I was seeking a more focused environment and a bigger campus,” Mohamed said.

Mohamed believes taking chemistry in high school and college is very important because it is the basis of all scientific careers. For students interested in the field of medicine, Mohamed also mentioned that the Medical College Admission Test, an entrance exam required for medical school, has a portion dedicated to chemistry.

Mohamed explained that chemistry is everywhere, that every change in an object, be it cooking or freezing, has undergone a chemical change.

“Chemistry is the glue that holds a scientific career together, and good knowledge of the subject would guarantee success in a science-based career path,” Mohamed said.

Before becoming a high school teacher, Mohamed planned on being a doctor. He had registered many hours of community service at a hospital in Sacramento before deciding that medicine was not for him. Mohamed realized he had a passion for teaching.

As for SCHS, Mohamed is enjoying the welcoming nature of all the students and teachers.

“I am looking forward to teaching my students about the wonders of chemistry,” Mohamed said.