Unauthorized drones hover around campus

A couple of drones have recently been spotted on campus, generally near the football field and the Science Wing.

The drones tend to come around 2:30 p.m. and are seen until 6:00 p.m., according to sophomore Joy Sanap, who participates in cross country and sees the drones almost daily during practices.

“The drones are annoying because they always disrupt cross country practice by hovering over us,” Sanap said.

Additionally, sophomore James Kohls said, “I am worried about these drones. I do not want whoever is flying these drones posting pictures of me on social media.”

Drones, or unmanned flying vehicles, have a wide variety of uses, some of which are filming and spying. They are often quick and small and can easily spread information through its photos and videos.

Although these drones do not pose any “malicious intent” to SCHS, according to Principal Gregory Shelby, the drones need to stop coming on campus because they are disrupting the privacy of the students and sports teams that practice outside.

One of the people responsible for the drones, a student at SCHS, has been caught already, and has been given a warning that a repeated offense will result in severe consequences.However, there is still another person in SCHS manning a different drone, with a connection to the caught perpetrator, according to Shelby.

This kind of snooping without permission can be considered illegal as it is an invasion of privacy and can be fined up to $25,000 for disruption of school property as stated by the Privacy Act. Shelby said that the caught student who was responsible for one of the drones was made aware of the ramification of his actions and has agreed to stop.

“The privacy of our students is a priority, and we will enforce it by restricting the drones from coming onto school campus,” Shelby added.