Heels: shoes of discomfort and pain, but also of confidence and style


Courtesy of Google Images

Heels can be an easy way to elevate an outfit.

In today’s society, many women wear heels to work and other formal events where they want to look polished. According to fashion website Refinery29, heels serve as an easy accessory that can elevate an outfit from average to excellent.

At SCHS, however, students are not as in love with them. Girls now are more into “manly” shoes, such as sneakers and tennis shoes, because they allow much better comfort and mobility.

“Heels are not comfortable at all even though they look cool,” freshman Crystal Pham said. “I would fall in three seconds after wearing them.”

But a small percentage of students still love wearing heels to school. One of these students is sophomore Simon Manacmul.

“I love heels since I am short,” he said. “When I wear them, I feel more professional and closer to being famous, which is what I want to be when I grow up.”

Some girls prefer heels just because they want to “pop out of the crowd.”

“I wear heels because I hate to be basic. I want to be completely myself,” sophomore Haylee Stevens said.

According to the life website LiveStrong, some women believe heels can give the illusion of a thinner body especially improving the visuals of the calves.

“They make your legs look better, even though sometimes they are hard to wear,” freshman Hayley Allard said.

With their love for heels, these students are hoping to make the shoes more of a common sight on campus, encouraging others by wearing the shoes themselves as often as possible.

“Last year, I saw no one in heels, but I just went for it because I wanted to,” Manacmul said. “Since then, I’ve seen many girls wearing them, and I feel as [if] I started this trend.”