New SCHS science teacher Mary Haddad wants to emphasize conservation through teaching


Hudha Khan

Mary Huddad teaches Biology and Earth Science.

This year SCHS had multiple additions to its staff and faculty, one being Mary Haddad, Biology and Earth Science teacher.

Through teaching, Haddad wants to emphasize that the entire world is not just for humans, and that they cannot just poison the air, water and soil. She wants people to know that humans cannot expect the world to always remain perfect and ready for their use if they continue to abuse it.

Haddad was a high schooler herself when she began teaching. As a senior, when substitutes would struggle to teach, Haddad would offer to lead the class instead.

Haddad values building relationships with her students, and she makes sure to be as fair as possible.

“If a teacher is not fair and does not maintain friendships and trust, they should quit teaching,” Haddad said.

She’s not too picky about the subject she teaches as she had taught various science classes in the past, but she is picky about teaching high school students because she can maintain genuine and interesting conversations with them.

Haddad came to California a year ago from Dallas, Texas. With the move, she brought along her love for singing and playing guitar as well as her enjoyment of watching her favorite soccer team, the British Manchester United. She soon discovered SCHS, and she could not be happier.

“I love seeing so many people in such a friendly environment everyday,” Haddad said. “The staff are all so kind to each other, and I love how they are all friends and hang out outside of school.”

As for the SCHS students, Haddad believes this generation is very tolerant, celebrating diversity and working through hardships.

“I noticed that [they] care more about the earth and show great concern for endangered animals. I see great things for our future,” she said.