Boys varsity basketball ends their senior night with a win against Monta Vista


Sajaa Ahmad

Boys varsity basketball celebrate their senior night.

On Friday, SCHS’s senior night, the varsity boys basketball team won 52-42 against the Monta Vista Matadors.

Head varsity basketball coach Anthony McGilvery began the night teary-eyed as he introduced the seniors to a roaring crowd, and the Bruins looked to come out on top.

The Bruins kicked off the game with points by juniors Jagos Jovanovic and Mark Wishom, giving them an early 7-0 lead in the first quarter. The Monta Vista offense kept them in the game, but the Matadors were still trailing after the end of one quarter, 18-10.

The Bruins continued their determinative plays well into the second quarter, gaining a comfortable seven-point lead against the Matadors after a three-pointer by senior Nick Tran.

As the second half started, the Bruins’ combination of intense defense and consistent scoring led by Jovanovic kept SCHS in the lead.

“In the third quarter, we started to have this momentum where we kept scoring and playing a whole lot of good defense that really sparked us in the second half,” junior Jercey Paras said.

After causing several turnovers that resulted in fast break points, SCHS extended their lead throughout the fourth quarter with shots by junior Matthew Glennon, who drove the ball and scored in the post, sealing the final score of 52-42.

Looking forward to their upcoming CCS games starting later this month, the Bruins hope to play well in order to achieve a higher ranking.

“It was fantastic because everyone got to play,” Mcgilvery said. “This was a big win in terms of seeding in CCS playoffs, so we’re all really happy that we won.”