Award-winning “Hamilton” plays at San Francisco


Courtesy of Google Images

“Hamilton” fans are excited to have their beloved show playing so close to home.

One of Broadway’s biggest musicals has come to San Francisco.

The smash hit hip-hop musical “Hamilton” has become a cultural phenomenon since its premiere in 2015. Written by the Tony award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, the musical incorporates elements of jazz, swing and rap, all while keeping the aspects of a traditional musical in the mix.

The musical’s catchy genre-blending has made it a one-of-a-kind, and a hot ticket for Broadway-goers. Its planned run at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco, March 23 to August 5, sold out within hours, according to the website Mashable. The virtual line to buy a ticket had thousands of eager fans waiting at their computer desks with the hopes of scoring a seat.

Although many attempted to buy a ticket, most were unsuccessful. After waiting online all day, most of the tickets left were well over the average price for seats.

“By the time it was my turn in line, I think the cheapest tickets were $700 or $1000 to sit by yourself,” SCHS music director Johnny Erdman said.

Fans of “Hamilton” are excited to see the fanbase expand in the Bay Area. Junior Jazzlyn Matthews was one of the lucky few to score a ticket for a show.

“I’m really happy that I get to go because a lot of people don’t,” Matthews said. “I’m really excited.”

Among the many fans who don’t have a ticket is sophomore Natalie DeSousa, who was introduced to the musical through a friend. She was hooked after that first listen, and her obsession developed from there.

“I listened to the song, and I kept going back to it, and then I somehow managed to memorize the entire album,” DeSousa said.

Fans are hoping that the arrival of “Hamilton” will broaden its influence and continue to impact the lives of not only Broadway fans but newcomers as well.

“I hope it gets more people into what Broadway is and brings more kids to the arts,” DeSousa said.