An undercover agent infiltrates SCHS to keep school safe (APRIL FOOLS’)

It’s a little known fact that while you share the latest gossip with your friend by your locker, someone is secretly behind you hearing every word, taking notes. Someone is out there who knows all your secrets.


There’s an undercover agent at SCHS who is dressed like a student and who has been lurking the halls as part of the School District Student Investigations program.


The SDSI is meant to make sure everything at SCHS is under control and running smoothly.


“This is a private organization to keep our school safe. It’s only between district employees,” Principal Shell Bee said.


The agent is trying to uncover information regarding the organized distribution of illegal substances at SCHS, but the agent has discovered a lot more.


The school doesn’t know the exact name of the agent, but students have reported suspicious behavior from a recent transfer student from Colorado, junior Bobby Buttock, who looks a little too old for his age, according to some students.


Students like sophomore Jenny Valpol said she noticed Buttock standing barely two inches away from her when she was telling her friend about someone who was wearing a skirt half an inch too short.


“I was just trying to tell my friend a story, and I could feel him breathing on my neck,” Valpol said. “He was obviously up to something.”


A few days later, the student was arrested for breaking the school dress code.


“It was only between me and two other students, so I don’t know how anyone found out,” Valpol said.


Another student, junior Mike Ozark, overheard two teachers talking about an SDSI agent “helping out” at SCHS. While information regarding a special agent  was suppose to remain confidential, administration made a formal announcement once information was leaked.


“While rumors about an undercover agent abound, the information I am going share with you shall remain private,” Bee said. “We can neither confirm nor disconfirm the rumored information, so please keep whatever you’re hearing to yourself. Continue with your normal routine because none of what may or may not be happening is going to affect our campus.”


Some students are confused and are reluctant to talk to their friends.


“It’s obviously true otherwise they would have said it wasn’t,” senior Ricky Tollenaar said. “But now I’m worried because I don’t know how I’m supposed to talk to my friends without information being ratted out.”


Buttock finds humor in the rumors.


“I find it hilarious that people think I’m an SDSI agent,” Buttock said. “I’m a new kid who’s just trying to make friends.”


Many are confused and are refraining from speaking to their friends, which may make aiding SCHS difficult for the SDSI agent. Principal Bee, however, remains quiet.
“I can’t say anything, but students shouldn’t worry because it doesn’t affect them,” Bee said.