HOW-TO: Get the mermaid look with simple makeup


Hudha Khan

A fantastical look for special days.

Every once in awhile, people like to change up their appearance. They get a new haircut, switch their style or apply makeup. And sometimes, they just want to try a completely extraordinary look.

Many don’t usually try things outside of the norm, but if they are going to a costume party or just want to take cool pictures, some go above and beyond, such as transforming into a mermaid.

Here are 12 makeup steps to change a boring person into a glorious mermaid:


  1. Prepare your face for makeup. Use makeup wipes to wipe away dirt and excess oil from your skin. 
  2. For mermaid scales, find a fish net. It helps to create the desired design. Put the fish net over your face so that it lays tight on your skin.
  3. Take a sponge and dab the desired dark color eyeshadow on your skin through the fish net. I used navy blue. Apply it under your cheekbones and near the hairline as the dark color will give an effect similar to a bronzer and slim your face.
  4. Change the sponge and dab on a lighter eyeshadow. I used sparkly light blue because it looks like a highlighter. Dab it on your cheekbones and under all the dark shadow on the hairline.
  5. If your light eyeshadow is not sparkly, take an additional highlighter and dab it over the lighter-colored eyeshadow. Mermaids need to glow.
  6. Carefully take off the fishnet without disturbing the eyeshadow. You don’t want to mess up your scales.
  7. If you don’t like the scales in some places, just wipe them off with makeup wipes.
  8. Take a blue eyebrow pencil or a blue mascara and brush your eyebrows. This will define them and make them colorful.
  9. Take any dark lipstick and put it on your lips. I used dark blue because it defines my lips.
  10. Your eyes have to be the accent of your look. Make them colorful so that they stand out. I used light blue eyeliner and put it on my lids. If you are a good artist, do little fish tails in the outer corners of your eyes.
  11. Take the blue mascara you used before and apply it on your lashes. I curled mine ahead of time since I put on fake ones.
  12. Put on false eyelashes so your eyes look bigger.


Don’t be afraid to play around and experiment with the look. There is no limit to your imagination. Whatever you do, you’ll look gorgeous!