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REVIEW: “Wonder Woman” is the perfect superhero movie for this summer

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Though it took around three quarters of a century to finally become a reality, the movie “Wonder Woman” premiered June 2.

Gal Gadot plays the titular character, Diana Prince, with optimism and grit – she’s unapologetically feminine and fierce. Chris Pine plays Allied World War I spy Steve Trevor with his usual irresistible charm, acting as Diana’s guide off the paradisiacal Amazon island of Themyscira. Though the movie takes place during World War I, Diana’s childlike discoveries of the real world and the banter between Steve and Diana feels bright and comforting.

Steve and Diana are fighting not only against the Germans but against the god of war, Ares, who Diana believes is responsible for the war. In DC movies, apocalyptic storylines have been so common that it’s almost funny that the new movies they make have any land left to take place on. However, revisiting a real world event and applying a superhero storyline was refreshing and well executed.

The lighthearted resilience portrayed almost felt medicinal. Historically, upbeat films have more success in times of political, social and economic tension, and with such a dynamic, authoritative female lead, “Wonder Woman” is a film that empowers its viewers. Director Patty Jenkins, who made the film as one of the first female directors of a summer superhero blockbuster, ensured the film’s tone was sincere and brave.

With hard-hitting one-liners delivered by well-rounded and complex characters, Wonder Woman” is the perfect movie to kick off the summer, and it’s sure to become a classic.

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REVIEW: “Wonder Woman” is the perfect superhero movie for this summer