Girls varsity water polo achieves first win of the season


Miranda Hunt

Senior and goalkeeper Janna Crocker throws the ball.

The SCHS girls varsity water polo team game resulted in a victory against the Cupertino Pioneers yesterday with a final score of 21-4.

The Bruins began their scoring streak with a 6-0 lead over the Pioneers in the first period. The Bruins extended their lead through the second and third periods, contributed by six goals from senior Emily Grossman and six goals from sophomore Mariah Walker. Big saves by senior goalkeeper Janna Crocker helped shutout the Pioneers in the first and third periods.

Though the Pioneers were able to score two goals in the second period and two goals in the fourth period, the Bruins defense held the Pioneers scoring at four points to finish out the game.  

The game marks their first win of the season after a 4-10 loss against the Harker Eagles this past Tuesday. Coach Aja Bumbaca notes the improvement the team made in order to beat Cupertino.

“We had to regroup after our Tuesday game, which was a loss,” Bumbaca said. “This was a much better game than that game as far as communicating with each other, trusting each other and having chemistry.”

Bumbaca mentioned senior Emily Fields as a standout player for the game. Fields was put in a position she has “never played before,” according to Bumbaca. Fields, who normally plays as a driver, a perimeter position, was placed into the center spot as hole set.

“Today I got comfortable with the position, so if I were to play it in a different game, I feel like I would be alright,” Fields said.

Looking forward to the end of the season, the Bruins not only hope to place at leagues and Central Coast Section, but also improve their connection as a team.

“Throwing a ball, swimming and egg-beatering are all fundamental things that they know how to do,” Bumbaca said. “What they don’t know how to do is act like a team in the water. We’re going to keep working on that.”