New teacher Melissa Lynch’s love for educating came from her own teachers


Samantha Alde

Melissa Lynch teaches Economics and English.

Melissa Lynch is one of the many new teachers at SCHS and teaches Economics and English. She is happy to finally be a part of SCHS’s staff this year.

Lynch’s love for teaching was sparked from her teachers throughout her school experience.

“They definitely challenged me academically. [My respect for them] had me endear myself to them,” Lynch said. “They pulled me up into their world.”

Lynch double-majored in literature and fine arts at University of California, Santa Cruz. She earned a master’s degree from Santa Clara University in Applied Theology.

While pursuing her credentials and a second master’s in education from Santa Clara University, Lynch taught 7th and 8th grade at a Catholic school. Eventually, she jumped to public school and then to high school.

“If you can teach 7th grade, then you can do anything,” Lynch said.

Before becoming a full-time teacher here at SCHS, Lynch taught summer school at SCHS for two years in a row.

“I was able to work with some of the kids during summer school, which was awesome, and developed some familiarity with the culture here,” Lynch said. “ I was very much hoping to be swept into it fully, and then I got the job.”

Lynch described SCHS as homey and welcoming.  Because of summer school, she was able to develop familiarity with the students as well as the culture here.

Aside from her love of teaching, Lynch also loves dogs. Back at home, she has a cocker-spaniel and a yorkie.

“They’re so beautiful,” Lynch said. “I do love spending time with my animals.”

Lynch’s cocker-spaniel’s name, Annabel, came from a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, and her yorkie’s name was inspired by the character Cosette from the broadway musical Les Miserablés. Cosette is also a rescue dog whose three puppies were successfully rescued as well. That’s why she was named Cosette, a name that means “victory.”

Lynch’s other hobbies include cooking, hanging out with friends and family, travelling, and “all that stuff everybody loves to do.” But especially, Lynch loves to write. From curriculum for the school district to her own memoir or autobiography, Lynch has plans to venture into the world of writing in the future — or at least in her spare time.

Even though Lynch longs for an opportunity to become a writer, she is still grateful to be teaching here at SCHS.

“I love it,” she said. “Everyday I feel blessed to come here.”