REVIEW: “Noises Off” is a well-made comedy


Courtesy of the Theater Department

“Noises Off” is hilarious and comedic.

Last Thursday, the SCHS theater department delivered major laughs in their first showing of this year’s fall play, “Noises Off.”

“Noises Off” is a rousing and boisterous comedy about a play gone awry. In the first act, the director of the play attempts to give last minute directions to the actors in order to prepare for their opening night. In the second act, the set is turned around so the audience is shown the backstage area as the actors silently bicker and fight while the actual performance is occurring behind them. The third act closes out the show with the actors completely losing it on stage as the entire play falls apart.

Seniors Nikolay Milev and Khalil Malik had standout performances during the show. Milev played the director, Lloyd Dallas, with just the right amount of sarcasm and the occasional bursts of anger. Dallas is also played by junior Antonio Davila on alternate days. Malik portrayed Garry Lejeune with the perfect combination of nervousness and jealousy that the character requires.

Junior Laine Russell also conveyed a likeable characterization of the dimwitted but lovable Brooke Ashton, whose hilarious one-liners and airheaded quips brought the audience to tears of laughter. Ashton is also played by sophomore Audrey Scott. Major props also go to sophomore Sean Wainzinger, who spent a large chunk of the performance with his pants around his ankles as the zany Frederick Fellowes, also played by junior Acacia Glover.

One of the most impressive aspects of this thrilling show was the set. Designed by head of the theater department Angelo Reyes, the two-story rotating scenery kept theatergoers fascinated in the story. The levels to the set added extra hilarity as the play within “Noises Off” descends into chaos.

“Noises Off” is an entertaining and captivating show that is perfect for students and adults alike. For an engaging and hilarious evening, come see the actors and stage crew put on their last two performances.