REVIEW: “Wonder” is a must-see tear-jerker

The New York Times best-seller “Wonder” has been made into a movie and tissues are a necessity for seeing it.

In Feb. 2012, R. J. Palacio’s novel,  “Wonder”, hit bookstores all across America. Five years after the novel’s publishing, a movie adaptation was made and released yesterday, Nov. 17.

In the story of “Wonder”, protagonist August “Auggie” Pullman suffers Treacher Collins syndrome, a genetic disorder resulting in deformities of one’s face. Auggie has been homeschooled for most of his life, letting him feel safe. This year, however, his parents tell him that he is attending Beecher Prep, a mainstream school. Though Auggie is scared about the way other students will see him, he tries to fit in and show his peers that he is more than what meets the eye.

Adorable cast members as well as a heartfelt story makes for a great family movie. Jacob Tremblay, (Auggie), Noah Jupe (Jack Will) and Millie Davis (Summer) are perfectly cast and do a superb job of portraying the lives of  everyday fifth-graders.

Aside from the child actors, the other characters were well-casted and created diversity. Auggie’s older sister falls in love with African-American actor Nadji Jeter. “Hamilton” star Daveed Diggs plays Auggie’s very supportive teacher, Mr. Browne, and brings the perfect personality to the character.

Auggie’s father brings a comedic effect to the more serious matters in the film. He does an excellent job of portraying the classic dad role: making funny puns, joking with Auggie, and bringing a light-hearted feel to the movie.

Not only were the casting and acting excellent, but the format and cinematography were interesting and engaging. Similar to the novel, the film was cut into “parts,” each narrated by a different character.

Although, some scenes did move a bit too fast and seemed repetitive at a certain point towards the end of the movie, the storyline, for the most part, was captivating and emotional.

The music accompanied with the story made for an even more emotional movie. Bea Miller’s score, “Brand New Eyes” is inspirational and dynamic and is featured throughout the film.

Altogether, “Wonder” is a family-friendly and inspiring movie, with lovable characters that are sure to make you laugh and cry.