New teacher Mitch Posey has taught all over the western United States


Courtesy of Danielle Schmitz and Melina Kritikopoulos

Mitch Posey teaches Construction 1 and 2.

Construction teacher Mitch Posey’s teaching career has taken him places all over the western United States.

Posey has taught in various states including Alaska, Oregon, Arizona and now here in California. One may believe Posey has a favorite, but he saw something great in each place.

For example, Posey really enjoyed Alaska because of the amazing fishing.

“I grew up in western Oregon, and steelhead salmon fishing is very popular there,” Posey said. “My grandfather was a fisherman his whole life. He taught me how to steelhead fish, and the first one I caught was about nine pounds. Then I got hooked.”

When people think about Alaska, Oregon or Arizona, they may think of beautiful lakes or canyons that last for miles, but Posey sees Santa Clara as a beautiful place as well.

“Everywhere in Santa Clara, within five minutes, you’ve got any kind of shop or restaurant you could ever want, and the weather is beautiful,” Posey said. “I’m in the right place.”

Posey was born in Oregon, where he learned to love construction at a young age, which prompted his teaching career.

“My father changed careers when he was 40, and he started remodeling and building smaller houses. During the summer, I would work with him,” Posey said.

After he went to college in Oregon, Posey worked on huge, fancy and expensive houses in between teaching jobs.

“My major in college was in education and engineering,” Posey said. “When I got out of college, I started teaching it. Then I got out of teaching and went into the building world for about eight years.”

Aside from his occupation, Posey also enjoys fishing, playing tennis, lifting weights, boating, and watching basketball.

“I would love to go to the NBA Championships and watch the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors,” Posey said.

Posey was an all-state basketball player in high school. However, he was an “average student” as his love for fishing distracted him from doing his best academically.

“I didn’t take my schoolwork as seriously as I should’ve,” Posey said. “College is where I really learned how to be a student, and that was tough.”

Posey advises students to find what they are passionate about to get through high school.

“If you are able to find it, then go for it,” Posey said.