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OPINION: SCHS lacks a necessary high school component: school spirit

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School spirit is pretty simple. It can bring a whole school made of four grades with each person unique and exciting together. School spirit gives a sense of identity between all of the different people and it  can make or break a school.

When a school lacks spirit, the students lack unity and interconnectedness. There’s nothing bringing the school together. Not to say that individuality isn’t amazing, but there’s a difference between coming together to support one’s own peers, and everyone being the same.

At SCHS, students may talk about sports games the next day, or wear sweatshirts with the signature Bruin paw on the front, but the students’ spirit is lackluster and uninspiring. There is no positivity and no school spirit.

Of course during football season, the stands were packed during the games with parents, teachers and students alike, and many wear blue and gold on spirit days. But few really cheer or even pay attention to the sports games when they attend, and there are countless students who “forget” or “don’t care” about dressing up.

Members of the cheer and dance squads seem to be the only ones who actually show spirit whether it’s at a game or a rally.

During rallies when the “Spirit Stick” is being thrown around, there are only a couple actually screaming their heads off. Most are sitting there, talking to their friends, fixated on their phones and clapping a little.

SCHS students don’t seem to have interest in supporting school teams. It’s almost halfway through the school year and students don’t show much love for SCHS other than wearing the sweatshirt. Many who do are bright-eyed freshmen still excited to be in high school. Morale is not shown much past this very simple gesture of proclaiming the school they attend.

School spirit at SCHS is very touch and go, but for the most part, go. Students really should show more support and love for SCHS. How will other schools view SCHS when the Bruins don’t even support themselves?

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OPINION: SCHS lacks a necessary high school component: school spirit