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SCHS welcomes a new hot dog cart every Wednesday

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It’s Wednesday, and a new aroma wafts around the SCHS quad, enticing students to follow their noses to a new sight in the SCHS quad — a hot dog cart, standing just outside the cafeteria.

The cart first made a test appearance on Jan. 31, selling organic all-beef hot dogs. One hot dog, along with the usual salad bar options, sells for $3.75, the same price as a regular cafeteria lunch.

The cart will open every Wednesday, and according to Cece Walls, a cafeteria worker who also runs the hot dog cart, is currently testing out which hot dogs would be most popular to the students, with last time’s trial being Chili Cheese hot dogs.

“It went really well,” said Walls. “Students appeared to be very interested, asking me if this was going to be everyday.”

Walls says that the idea of a hot dog cart came from the dozens of students asking when the cafeteria will be selling hot dogs

Many students, such as junior Abhinav Suril and senior student cafeteria worker Josh Landaverde, see the new Wednesday addition as an interesting option.

“Having the hot dog cart on Wednesday makes it kind of special. Otherwise it’d be kind of normal,” Suril said.

“Some people might take interest in the hot dogs rather than what they serve in the regular cafeteria,” Landaverde said.

The cart is expected to reduce the lunch lines in the cafeteria and at the Snack Shack, making the process of getting lunch faster.

“Students’ biggest complaint is the time [it takes to get food], and this will speed things up,” Principal Gregory Shelby said.

According to Shelby, the idea of a hot dog cart was the cafeteria’s decision, and has been discussed for years.

“We’re always looking for ideas of what students would like,” Walls said. “We’ve thought up different kiosks before, and we’re trying to reach out to the students so they have an opportunity to receive very nutritious lunches.”

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SCHS welcomes a new hot dog cart every Wednesday