Looking to make CCS, girls basketball defeats Titans


Miranda Hunt

The Bruins won with a score of 61-47.

With Central Coast Section playoffs coming up, the Bruins varsity girls basketball team finished with a 61-47 victory over Gunn High School’s Titans on Friday, increasing SCHS’s chances of making CCS.

The Bruins and Titans started the game off on an equal footing, ending the first quarter with a tie score of 8-8.

During the second quarter, the Bruins began to pull ahead of the Titans. Freshman Maia Garcia had several standout moments, including a nice combination with several other SCHS players that ended with a lay-up from Garcia.

Throughout the game, junior Kayleigh Watanabe showed off her tenacity and persistence to win the ball, often diving for a loose ball from the opposing team. Watanabe described the Titans’ playing style as “scrappy” and stepped up her aggressiveness in order to compensate.

The Bruins further advanced their lead in the third quarter, with three pointers from Watanabe and seniors Breanna Mertz and Yvonne Delgado. The quarter ended with the Bruins still on top, 43-33.

The Bruins closed out the game with a strong defense. Sophomore Aleizay Papagayo interrupted a potential Titans breakaway by slapping the ball away before her opponent could reach it, helping the Bruins finish the game with a win, 61-47.

However, the team still needs to win their final two games to find out their fate for CCS, which means their intensity on the court needs to stay consistent, according to Watanabe.

“It’s got to come down to who wants it more,” Watanabe said. “Do we want to end our season without going to CCS? Or do we want to end it by going out with a bang?”