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OPINION: SCHS needs to offer classes on business and entrepreneurship

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SCHS, nestled in the Bay Area within the Silicon Valley, has no shortage of resources for STEM-geared students. Having engineers bustling out new inventions every day in the nearby headquarters of Google, Apple, Facebook and Intel (just to name a few) casts a shadow of math and science influence over SCHS. As a result, future STEM geeks are flourishing. However, the subjects of other fields are in various levels of deprivation. The most deprived, perhaps, is the realm of business.

With over 51 new tech companies launched every month in the San Francisco Bay Area, according to Silicon Valley News, it comes across as a surprise that SCHS is not fueling its students to explore business and entrepreneurship. Though math-lovers and science geeks are necessary for any society, leaders of ventures and enterprise are the ones who bring the skills and talents together for a successful endeavor.

At SCHS, the number of students is estimated at around 2000. This is not a small number. Within this school, there are countless people who are gifted in social skills and charismatic appeal. There are even some students who know practically all 2000 of SCHS’s kids. Several ‘social’ and ‘team-based’ extracurriculars further add on to the aspect of collective and societal activities. Classes such as Leadership, Band, Yearbook all play a role in strengthening a student’s people-skills. However, though there are extracurriculars that rely on social-savviness, there are no official classes that teach the basics of business. Students cannot channel their social skills to the field of business.

Starting up ventures is perhaps one of the most riskiest career paths one can take. It’s notorious for causing bankruptcies. For every one start-up that succeeds, countless others fail and crash. Because of the dangers that come along with entrepreneurship, planning and organization is crucial. But if a high school does not offer interested students with the right resources, then many are doomed to their own inexperience and amateurism.

The goal of a business can be whittled down to one core essential: to make a profit. For many students, their goals in life include this. Some have even started their own trek to make money. Student artists sell art and photography; tech-savvys help out on computer issues for a price. Many are already dipping their toes in what is essentially business; SCHS needs to realize that and fuel their initiatives with a class dedicated to business.

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OPINION: SCHS needs to offer classes on business and entrepreneurship