REVIEW: “Black Panther” over-exceeds expectations

“Black Panther” is a mind-blowing showpiece that everyone has to see

“Black Panther” came out on Friday, Feb. 16 and seems to be Marvel’s most ambitious movie so far. It excels in visual aesthetics, cultural references and the depth of the message.

The movie starts out with the introduction of the African kingdom of Wakanda. It is a beautiful country with mesmerizing sunsets and profound technology, including Vibranium, the most powerful element on Earth. Although the country is abundant in resources and power, it passes  as a third-world country to the rest of the world, hiding their advancement under a holographic bubble.

T’Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman, is the new king of Wakanda as well as the superhero Black Panther, and he must fight to protect his throne and people.

The plot of “Black Panther” is fast-paced: The plot twists are unpredictable and they keep the story going. For example, no one was ready for the appearance of British actor Martin Freeman, yet he played one of the main roles and was able to catch the viewer’s attention from his first line.

The acting in “Black Panther” is truly amazing and superb. Chadwick Boseman made a perfect first non-white Marvel superhero, and he’ll be anticipated in “Avengers: Infinity War,” which is set to release this summer. Some other roles that deserve recognition were the female protectors of the throne, who showed fierceness and loyalty to their country through their powerful acting.

The motion picture is full of cultural attributes which makes it different from all other Marvel movies. For example, the beautiful clothes of the Wakandan citizens show the African influences that underlines the cultural diversity of this film. Along with the majority black cast, “Black Panther” is a significant step forward in media diversity.

Overall, it is truly elevating and heart-touching to watch “Black Panther.” Aesthetically pleasing visuals and an eye-opening storyline make this movie a glorious start to a new generation of superheroes.