REVIEW: “Love, Simon” is funny, sweet and touching


Courtesy of Google Images

“Love, Simon” shows a refreshingly new portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters in media.

Too often are the non-mainstream characters simply the best friend or the comedic edge. With the making of “Love, Simon,” members of the LGBTQ+ community can finally feel represented, even if only a little.

Based off the 2015 novel, “Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda” by Becky Albertalli, the main character, Simon, struggles with coming out to his family and friends, all the while dealing with a crush. The film adaptation, “Love, Simon,” was released yesterday.

Protagonist Simon Spier, portrayed by Nick Robinson, is a senior in high school struggling with his sexual identity and coming out to his friends. After meeting a fellow gay student online who goes by the name “Blue,” Simon finds comfort and support through their email conversations. As his and Blue’s conversations grow, their identities become more clear to each other.

Director Greg Berlanti does an amazing job of making the story seem normal. Simon isn’t portrayed as super-flamboyant, as many gay characters often are. He just seems like a normal high-school kid.

The film portrays the storyline of the original book incredibly. Keeping viewers on edge about Blue’s identity by changing Simon’s perception of what they look like allowed for the same mystery the book provided.

Artists like Khalid, Troye Sivan and the Bleachers are featured on the film’s soundtrack. All of the songs are added during just the right moments, giving each scene just the right emotion and feeling.

The small, quirky humor of the movie adds so much to it. Making Simon and his friends feel relatable and down-to-earth, the film keeps a light and happy feeling throughout.

Not only is “Love, Simon” an inclusive film, but it feels like a classic high school movie, which makes members of the LGBTQ community feel even more accepted.

The adaptation, soundtrack and classic-feel of “Love, Simon” makes for an amazing, groundbreaking movie.