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REVIEW: Hayley Kiyoko’s “Expectations” adds strength to her nickname “Lesbian Jesus”

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The music album “Expectations” by Hayley Kiyoko, released last Friday, has exceeded expectations. Filled with songs about L.A., love and heartbreak, the album is a hit.

Kiyoko is a top artist in the LGBTQ+ community with her songs of being in love with other women. She has been deemed the “Lesbian Jesus” by her fans.

In songs like “What I Need,” “Sleepover,” “Curious” and “He’ll Never Love You,” Kiyoko sings about the struggles of having a crush on a girl already in a heterosexual relationship as well as the social restrictions for lesbians. These themes resonate well with women who are attracted to other women.

Her previous three albums, “A Belle To Remember” (2013), “This Side of Paradise” (2015) and “Citrine” (2016), each contained five songs, but “Expectations” has 13 songs.

From this extensive album, four songs, “Feelings”, “Sleepover”, “Curious” and “Let it Be”, were part of the pre-release and have all been well-received by fans.

“Curious” is fast-paced and easy to dance to. Kiyoko sings about a former girlfriend who is still in love with her, but is now in a relationship with a guy.

“You say you wanted me, but you’re sleeping with him/You think of me, I’m what you see when you look at the sky,” she sings.

Catchy and melodic, “Let it Be” is one of her top songs on Spotify, right alongside “Curious” and her earlier hit “Girls Like Girls.” In this song, Kiyoko sings about missing her loved one after an emotional breakup.

Some of Kiyoko’s new songs, such as “Expectations/Overture” and “xx,” do not have words. They only have light humming and snapping.

The electro-pop approach to her new music is unique and most fans would agree that Kiyoko has delivered yet another successful album.

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REVIEW: Hayley Kiyoko’s “Expectations” adds strength to her nickname “Lesbian Jesus”