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Students at SCHS form a rock band called ‘The Daytrippers’

Members of 'The Daytrippers' pose for a photo at this year's BOTC

Members of 'The Daytrippers' pose for a photo at this year's BOTC

Eunice Oh

Eunice Oh

Members of 'The Daytrippers' pose for a photo at this year's BOTC

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The Daytrippers, its name derived from a Beatles song, is a five-member band from SCHS formed last November.

Senior Alex Aguirre and sophomore Eddie Perez play the guitar, sophomore Isabella Gregory is in charge of vocals, sophomore Audrey Giancaterino plays the bass and senior Shaun Gruver plays the drums.

The beginnings of the band started with Gruver and Aguirre, with the additions of Perez, Gregory and Giancaterino through music classes such as jazz band. “We wanted to be to able to have fun with our own music,” Gregory said.

The Daytrippers is deeply influenced by rock, and each member is impartial to different rock subgenres. For example, Perez prefers an alternative and indie rock while Gregory is more into punk rock.

Currently, they haven’t released any original music, but are in the making of their band’s concept and track list.

“We’ve been doing covers lately but sometimes we do our own thing. Sometimes we just mess around with chords and lyrics,” Giancaterino said.

Their main source of publicity is through school events, and after recently performing at the Renaissance Rally, the band received a total of 439 profile visits on their Instagram account during the week of their performance. Their ultimate goal, for the time being, is to play at Santa Clara’s Art and Wine Festival, which will be held on Sept. 15th and 16th this year.

However, in a couple of years, the Daytrippers hope to tour around the Bay Area and give a name to Santa Clara, according to Perez, who believes “it seems like a small town that no one really knows.”

“Realistically, if we all keep in touch and just keep doing what we’re doing, then maybe that could happen,” Gruver said.

The members don’t expect the Daytrippers to become their career, but rather, a hobby that lasts beyond high school.

The band practices at least once a week in the band room during lunch time, but they wouldn’t mind playing at Central Park for its openness and inevitable exposure. The main difficulty for the band are each member’s different timings to practice.

“We’re a band, but we still have our own lives so it’s hard to coordinate sometimes,” Gruver said.

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Students at SCHS form a rock band called ‘The Daytrippers’