REVIEW: Rapper Cardi B shows off her soft side in new album ‘Invasion of Privacy’


Courtesy of Google Images

The singer shows off her true self in the new album.

Following her rise to fame with her hit single “Bodak Yellow”  in 2017, Cardi B, real name Belcalis Almanzar, came out with a new album that gives a fresh taste of her feisty personality. Released last Friday, “Invasion of Privacy” is already the number one album on the itunes music charts.

Cardi B’s personality is the first thing noticed when listening to her music. In the album, she uses her personality in her raps, showing off her fierce side, along with something we’re not used to: her soft side. What makes the album so unique is that she incorporates different themes in her songs, giving listeners the perfect album to jam out to, regardless of their mood. You hear the stories of her fame, her love, and what makes up the life of Cardi B.

On March 30th, she first came out with single “Be careful,” a soft R&B love song, reaching number one on the itunes chart as soon as it came out.  After the full album comes out, her collab songs became the most popular.

Cardi B worked with a variety of well-known artists to make collaborations that helped with the popularity of the album. The most purchased song on the album and personal favorite of mine is “I Like it” with Bad Bunny and J Balvin. The track gives off Cardi B’s hot, latin edge. She mixes styles with her rap and Latin beats, and it shows us how proud she is to be Latina.

The two other top songs on the itunes charts, “I do” with SZA  and “Ring” with Kehlani are one of the few female artists she’s worked with. Besides “Be Careful,” “Ring” is another song on the album that gives a more gentle and loving side of Cardi B.

Ever since Cardi B’s singing verse in single “ La Modelo” by Ozuna, she has started singing parts in her songs, like in “Ring,” “Be Careful.” Cardi B using her gentle singing voice in songs is something unexpected from rappers, and it is one of the unique elements that make her music more noticeable.

With Cardi B and Migos member, Offset’s relationship, it was fate to collab with the group. “Drip” with Migos is one of the many songs on her album where she lets out the same feisty style of her hit single “Bodak Yellow.” While Cardi B tries new themes in her music, it’s a favorite to listen to songs on the album with her well-known attitude.  

Overall,  the album’s diversity in attitude and collaborations is helping her gain even more success to be one of the most promising rappers in the industry.