REVIEW: Spyrolls Ice Cream entices customers with rich flavor


Courtesy of Spyrolls' Facebook

The delicious rolls are an exciting flavor adventure.

“I-Tim-Pad,” also known as Thai-styled ice cream rolls, has been changing the dessert industry with its aesthetic looks and satisfying production. Now, these ice cream rolls have finally arrived in Santa Clara at SpyRolls Ice Cream.

Social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have been pouring with videos of ice cream makers spreading and mixing the liquid mixture on a circular pan until it cools down. Then they separate the ice cream into rolls, put them into a paper cup and add toppings.

Last Friday, SpyRolls Ice Cream had its grand opening. The dessert shop was packed and had a huge banner that said, “Buy one, get one free.” The line for ordering seemed to be hidden from how crowded it was.

The menu included ice cream rolls, acai bowls and smoothies. SpyRolls Ice Cream used zodiac signs to label the different flavors. For example, brownie oreo chocolate is suggested to match an Aries’ personality. Each cup cost $6.75, which is considerably cheap compared to other Thai-styled ice cream shops. The shop was very organized, cute and aesthetically pleasing. Even with the buy-one-get-one deal, the employees were very friendly and patient with the storm of customers trying to quickly get a taste of their dessert.

On the grand opening day, the wait for many customers was two and a half hours. The employees made sure that every single cup of ice cream was carefully made and fit for photos. With more than forty cups waiting to be made, many customers’ cups were lost and put in the back. Yet, many stayed, hopeful that the ice cream rolls would taste amazing.

The most commonly ordered, Aries, did not let customers down. The chocolate flavor had the perfect level of sweetness, and the additional toppings of marshmallows, whipped cream and cookies made for the perfect dessert. Gemini was not too far behind. The strawberry flavor was enriching. Not too sweet, the ice cream included a layer of cream cheese. This cup of ice cream was probably the most aesthetically pleasing with its toppings of more strawberries, blueberries, teddy graham crackers and whipped cream.

However, certain ice cream flavors were still lacking. Libra consisted of vanilla cream, avocados and condensed milk. But an avocado ice cream flavor just did not taste right. This ice cream cup was very colorful with gummies, a Biscoff cookie and whipped cream.

Overall, SpyRolls Ice Cream was an amazing ice cream roll shop. Most flavors were perfect and aesthetically pleasing, and the employees were very consistent and scrupulous in making ice creams even toward closing hours, which was very much appreciated. If only the wait was not that long, SpyRolls Ice Cream could become everyone’s go-to ice cream shop.


You can visit SpyRolls Ice Cream at 2215 The Alameda, Santa Clara, CA 95050.