New quiz “Buddy Meter” sweeps over the phones of SCHS students

The newest social media craze “Buddy Meter” has swept over the phones of the students of SCHS. Like past trends, such as “Sarahah” and “Lipsi,” this game entertains users and their friends.

“Buddy Meter” is a website that students link to their posts on social media, primarily Snapchat. They test their friends to see how well they know each other by customizing ten questions about themselves in their quiz.

After clicking on the link, the personalized quiz comes up and players select one of the given answers, customized previously. After a person has completed the quiz, their score is displayed on a chart for everyone to see.

According to students like sophomore Alissa Friedman, “Buddy Meter” is an amusing and effortless game. “It’s really entertaining to compete with your friends to see who knows each other the best,” Friedman said.

These trends on social media seem to spread so rapidly because students are influenced by each other to use it. It’s as easy as copy and pasting for someone to help spread the popularity of “Buddy Meter.”

Since it has recently become popular to SCHS students, mostly to underclassmen, “Buddy Meter” is seen as a way for students to learn more about each other.

“I like how it shows how much people really know you and how much you know about your friends,” freshman Marcelino Calvillo said.

Since there does not seem to be any problems to “Buddy Meter,” this game is a simple and innocent way to entertain people by quizzing their friends.

“It’s fun to create the questions to see how well people know you,” freshman Bea Agustin said. “Even if they get it wrong and they’re your close friends, they get to know you more.