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One reporter shares her experience of Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ tour

The stadium was filled with about 55,000 of fans.

The stadium was filled with about 55,000 of fans.

Sydnie Ludlum

Sydnie Ludlum

The stadium was filled with about 55,000 of fans.

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Updated photo caption: “hundreds of thousands” to “about 55,000” : 5/22/18, 6:17 a.m. 

Crowds of people make their way to their seats as the lights dim. Everyone knows what is about to happen. The jumbotrons turn on and light up the stadium. Fireworks spit from the stage and emit a “boom” sound as Taylor Swift emerges from underneath the stage. Everyone screams.

One hundred and ten thousand Swifties gathered in Levi Stadium last weekend to witness the Reputation Tour in person. Taylor Swift’s May 11 and 12 concert was her seventeenth time performing in the Bay Area and was definitely one of the best.

The night started around 7 p.m. when one of Swift’s tour mates, Charli XCX, started with her hit song, “Boom Clap.” Her performance was doomed from the start since the stadium was not even half-full yet. Nonetheless, her vocals matched that of her music and she did not lip sync.

Next came Camila Cabello. Although she is famous enough to go on her own tour, she decided to spend her summer with Taylor Swift and Charli XCX to gain more of a following since breaking away from her girl group “Fifth Harmony.” Cabello drew in more of a crowd than Charli XCX and there were more people dancing and listening to her music. Cabello put on a more memorable performance that included backup dancers and songs like “Havana” and “Into It.”

In between each performer, the jumbotrons showed videos of fans reacting to Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. The atmosphere was pleasant, hearing the sound of music and joy, even laughter at the fans’ hilarious and over-dramatic reactions instead of hearing the chatter of thousands of people in between acts.

As most know, pop sensation Taylor Swift has had her many, many run-ins with the media. She decided to embrace that side of her life during her concert. Right after the stadium went dark, an audio-heavy video played on every screen, with quotes from reporters talking about Swift’s career accomplishments and the alleged things she has done. The video eventually turned into a tease version of her hit, “Ready for It?” As a nod to some comments and accusations, the stage was decorated with several snakes.

Swift’s performance was astonishing. Like her previous concert at Levi Stadium for her 1989 album tour, light-up bracelets were handed out at the entrance that lit up the stadium and made the night look just as magical as it felt. Swift also reverted back to her old ways and played the guitar and piano for a couple songs. The fans seemed to appreciate seeing a glimpse of the old Taylor.

The some 55,000 Saturday attendees also received a special performance of her song “The Best Day” from her album Fearless. “The Best Day” is about Swift’s mom and how she was always there for her. Since the performance was the day before Mother’s Day, Swift included this song for her mom despite it not being on the original setlist for the tour. It was a request of her tour mate Cabello since both their mothers were at the show. The performance was a tearjerker.

The night ended with a lively performance of “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.” It was her most bright and colorful performance of the night. Swift’s backup dancers were all wearing different colors, and the band was completely rocking out.

I think all Swifties would agree that Bay Area fans would be happy to welcome her back for another great performance.

Photos by Sydnie Ludlum
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One reporter shares her experience of Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ tour