REVIEW: ‘Mean Girls Musical’ cast album is exciting and familiar

Fans of the 2004 hit film “Mean Girls” will be pleased with the new cast album, released May 18, from the adapted “Mean Girls” musical, which hit Broadway on April 8.

Like the movie, the musical tells the story of a girl, Cady Heron (Erika Henningsen), who grew up in Africa but transfers back to an American high school for her junior year. At her new school, Cady is torn between hanging out with the Plastics, the popular girls, headed by Regina George (Taylor Louderman), and hanging out with her real friends, such as Janis Sarkisian (Barrett Wilbert Weed) and Damien Hubbard (Grey Henson).

The dramatic nature of the film lends itself to be easily translated into a musical. For example, Cady’s knowledge of wildlife, which she picked up during her childhood in Africa, is a recurring theme throughout the album, but is most prominent during the catchy “It Roars,” a song that compares African wildlife to Cady’s high school.

The musical also picks up on the well-known jokes used in the movie and turns them into songs, such as “Meet The Plastics,” which introduces each of the three notorious Plastics with famous lines like, “That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.”

Of course, the cast recording would not be complete without a healthy dose of scheming and back-stabbing. The song “Revenge Party” details a plan to take down Regina as head of the Plastics, and “World Burn” reveals how Regina will tear apart the entire school. The darker tone of the songs is a smart reflection of the evilness in the plotlines.  

The singing on the cast recording is well-executed and professional, and the melodies are unique and memorable. The musical follows the movie well, but the songs add a new and more exciting element to the story.

Overall, the cast recording of “Mean Girls” is a worthwhile listen for anyone who enjoys the film, and a good introduction for anyone looking to get into the story.