SCHS Bruins lose 26-35 to the Menlo Knights in first home game of the season


Vincent Nguyen

Bruins give it their all the first home game of the season.

In their first home game of the season, the SCHS Bruins lost to the Menlo High School Knights 26-35.

The game started off slowly with early punts and flags from both sides. By the end of the first quarter, the Bruins led 3-0 following a field goal from senior kicker Nick Garcia.

Though SCHS was able to force a fumble during the second quarter, Menlo followed with an interception and gradually pushed all the way from the 5-yard line for a touchdown. The Knights scored again after they gained possession of the ball following another fumble, making the score 3-14.

The Bruins started their next possession near the 50-yard line with the retrieval of an onside kick and quickly made the halftime score 10-14.

The field exploded during the third quarter with back-to-back scoring, which put the game at 17-21. When Menlo scored off of a 100-yard kickoff return, senior wide receiver Richard Corona quickly returned with a full-field touchdown of his own.

The fourth quarter began with the score 20-28 after the Bruins scored another field goal against a Menlo touchdown.

Junior linebacker Alan Tran set his team up for another touchdown by picking up the ball after Menlo fumbled it. Hoping to tie the score, the Bruins unsuccessfully attempted a two-point conversion.

SCHS’s fate was sealed when Menlo forced a turnover following a touchdown. With the clock ticking down, the Knights began running the ball to keep possession, and the game ended at 26-35.

SCHS varsity head coach Burt Codera accredited his team’s loss to crucial mistakes and frequent turnovers.

Though he’s disappointed in the game’s outcome, senior wide receiver Seth Everett claimed his team never gave up.

“We don’t stop. I’ll give us that,” Everett said. “We keep everything pushing. First home game, you want to ball out and when it doesn’t happen, it stings. But you just have to keep going and that’s us.”