Snack Shack reopens as ‘Bruin’s Bistro’ after 2016 fire to great success


Vincent Nguyen

Staff, students and community members gather around the shack.

Stealing the show at last Friday’s first home football game, SCHS’s Bruin’s Bistro swung back in action for the first time since its reconstruction, leaving many students looking forward to future games.

”It was fun seeing it all lit up, and the lines of people eating fried Oreos,” senior James Kohls said. “It really added to the experience. It made the atmosphere more fun and lively.”

The snack shack, damaged in a fire on April 4, 2016, received its final machines last Thursday and was stocked with supplies by SCHS’s athletic boosters before Friday’s game.

However, selling food is not the snack shack’s only function. According to Principal Gregory Shelby, the shack will serve three main purposes: restrooms, storage and as a snack shop. The restrooms were completed first and have been in use for the past month. The storage room contains a new ice machine, which will make it more convenient for sports teams to fill water coolers. There is also a grid wall storing the football and soccer teams’ equipment.

But the snacks are what most seem excited about.

While many students are enthusiastic about the snack shack, Kohls noticed a new potential problem: littering.

“Where the people walked was completely full of trash, like every row, “ Kohls said. “People have the privilege of the snack shack but aren’t respecting it.”

Aside from the potential littering issue, Kohls expressed he is excited to see the snack shack back in business for future home games.

Some students, such as sophomore Vivian Tran, believes having a functional building will cause less confusion at future events.

“I think it’s great it finally opened because last year, I didn’t really know where to get snacks during football games since it was kind of just a bunch of tables put together,” Tran said.