REVIEW: The 2018 Emmys attempted to diversify their winners but to no avail

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The lack of on-screen representation for boys and girls alike is influential. Without it, they are deemed different, which causes them to believe they need to change.

The Emmys aired last Monday with a failed attempt to create a more diverse Hollywood. The whole show felt forced, like it was a requirement to integrate every race into the show.

In their opening speech, hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che made a number of jokes regarding the absence of different races represented. The jokes, however, were so bluntly racist it was terribly disappointing.

The show began with a skit called “We Solved It!” performed by actors including Kenan Thompson and Kristen Bell, about the lack of ethnic diversity in Hollywood. Although its message and intentions were satisfactory, the performance was not appropriate.

They tried to solve the racial problem in the best way they knew how: dancing and singing. Hollywood believes that by having one member of each race dancing on a stage together, representation is achieved. This, however, is untrue. Having a truly diverse group of performers would really show that the entertainment industry is moving forward.

Although The Academy attempted to create variation, certain actors took it upon themselves to bring awareness to certain representation problems in the media.   

“Black-ish” star Jennifer Lewis wore a very in-your-face Nike outfit on the red carpet to support Colin Kaepernick. Lewis used her platform to bring awareness to Kaepernick’s situation, and her action was very humble and respectful. There should be more people like her in Hollywood.

Though many diverse shows were nominated for Emmy Awards, such as “Black-ish” and “Atlanta,” the show “The Marvelous Ms. Maisel,” a show comprised of a white cast, beat both for Best Comedy.

This is an example of what happened all throughout the 2018 Emmys. Out of the 26 Emmys Awards given, only two went to people of color.

Despite the achievement of the shows being nominated for Best Comedy, a win would have represented that The Academy is ready to move forward with those who are truly diverse and worthy of winning.

The 2018 Emmys did nothing to help the diversity issue in entertainment. There were good moments like Jennifer Lewis’s wardrobe, but the lack of non-white races winning really makes people wonder if there will be any progress in The Emmys.

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