New SCHS counselor Lynn Camacho-Light dreams of having her own art show


Eunice Oh

Ms. Camacho-Light hopes to improve students’ lives with her counseling.

Ever since she was a child, new SCHS counselor Lynn Camacho-Light has enjoyed many hobbies, especially art.

“I like to paint, draw. I’ve worked with ceramics, both by hand-building and throwing on the wheel.” Camacho-Light said. “I fuse glass, and I also work with stained glass.”

Camacho-Light’s oldest son introduced her to the world of Modern art as an art curator in New York. She enjoys the work of Impressionist artists like Monet and said his painting “Water Lilies” is “breathtaking.” Camacho-Light appreciates the whole concept, not just the process or the outcome.

“There’s just so many types of art and so many messages that you can tell through art. And so many different materials that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.” Camacho-Light said. “It’s great and really interesting to see what the artist is trying to convey, or what experiences have led them to that expression with that medium.”

Even with her love for art, Camacho-Light knew as a child she wanted to be a teacher. She has taught pre-schoolers all the way to college students and has also counseled at most levels. Being an advocate for student equity, Camacho-Light helps guide students and believes that she is best suited for assisting them, giving them the most opportunities for their future.

“I really think it’s the mentors in our life that are so important,” Camacho-Light said. “That can be anyone. That can be a friend, that can be a parent, that can be a teacher, that can be a counselor. I think I’m just a helper by nature; I think I always have been. It just comes natural.”

Camacho-Light is excited to work with high school students again and wants to aid students however they need.

“If it’s a listener, I’m a good listener. If they need an advocate, I’m their advocate. If they need a motivator, I’m their motivator,” Camacho-Light said.

Camacho-Light has many goals for her future, in both her personal life and professional life. Since she has a passion for art, Camacho-Light dreams of having her own art show in New York. It would include welding, environmental horticulture and climate issues. In the art show, she can display her work while shining a light on topics that are important to her.  

In the meantime, Camacho-Light’s main goal for her career is to be a good support for everyone at SCHS, including students, teachers, staff and the administration. She hopes she will be so skilled at her job she can answer any question and make a difference at SCHS.

“It’s my job to find out what the students need and help best to support them,” Camacho-Light said. “When students achieve their goals, they achieve their dreams.”