Concert-going, family-loving Earth Science and Biology teacher Angelese Reed begins at SCHS this year


Eunice Oh

Ms. Reed is excited about teaching students Earth science and biology.

Earth Science and Biology teacher Angelese Reed, who joined the SCHS staff this year, did not originally plan to be a science teacher. Reed initially pursued a degree in Journalism and Public Relations but moved on to science in search of better job opportunities. Before teaching at SCHS, Reed taught science at Ann Sobrato High School.

“I wasn’t really looking to change schools,” Reed said. “But I found a science opening here and switched.”

Aside from her job, Reed loves to attend concerts frequently but does not have a favorite singer.  

I don’t have a favorite artist…because I listen to all types of music,” Reed said. “I mostly listen to pop, r&b and hip hop.”  

Besides rocking out to songs, Reed enjoys traveling with her mother and her brother.

Reed’s favorite trip thus far was going to Alaska with her mother and her brother last year.

“My brother and I sat on Santa’s lap in the North Pole and drove through Denali National Park and went to the Ice Hotel,” Reed said. “I just love traveling with my brother because when we’re together, we both act like little kids.”

She also has parties with her immediate and extended family. It turns from an informal family meal to doing line-dance to songs like “Cupid Shuffle” or “Wobble,” and they always have a blast.

If someone asked teenage Reed what her profession would be, she would probably never had said, “A science teacher.” If Reed could go back in time and give advice to her fifteen-year-old self, she would tell herself only three points:

“Be smart with your money and start traveling the world and exploring different countries as soon as possible, don’t rush into relationships just life,” Reed said. “And try to make the world a little better every day.”