One reporter shares her experience of the first homecoming dance since 2008


Melina Kritikopoulos

Students enjoy the music and dance with their friends.

SCHS hosted a homecoming dance last Saturday, the first one in ten years. With the quad filled with food, dancing and the perfect mix of a casual and a formal atmosphere, this dance had something for all.

Since the homecoming dance replaced the Sadie Hawkins dance in the spring, it was a cheap, casual option for those who wanted to experience a high school dance without the stress and formality of prom or winter ball.

The atmosphere of this dance was much better than most. Food sales were hosted by clubs, which allowed them to make profits and possibly gain members. The decorations were simple yet tasteful: some string lights along the trees in the quad and a few flashing lights on the stage.

Using the stage as a dance floor was a success. The music was loud enough for students on the stage to rock out, but it was not so intense that those who felt like casually singing and dancing could not do so. It provided just enough space for a large group of students to get down towards the middle while a less-congested space formed along the edge of the stage for the more laid-back students to dance and have a good time.

While Sadies is traditionally dance-heavy with little space to rest, the homecoming dance was thought-out and well-executed, much better than last year’s Sadies. By making the stage a set area for dancing, the quad was left open for students to roam, relax and eat.

Although providing lunch tables in the quad was appreciated, the lighting of these areas was a miss. The dance began at seven o’clock, and it was difficult to see. This could have pushed more students towards the better-lit stage, which may have made them uncomfortable. The lighting issue, however, was a very minor inconvenience.

The music selection suited many students’ tastes. With a range of songs like hits from Drake to the “Cupid Shuffle,” almost everyone attending had something to enjoy. This was made possible by a Google form sent out by the class of 2020 council. They allowed anyone to send in their preferred music requests with the hope that their favorite song might be played.

The homecoming dance was one to remember: a casual and affordable opportunity to spend time with friends. Hopefully, ASB will continue with this new tradition and offer a fall homecoming dance, replacing Sadies.