REVIEW: K-Pop group TWICE delivers an undeniable cheerfulness and youthfulness in their newest EP ‘Yes or Yes’


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The members of the group debut their new EP.

TWICE, a South Korean girl group, returns with their newest EP, “Yes or Yes.” In the title track, the nine members of TWICE take rejection out of the equation and place their crush in a never-ending tease by only providing two options, yes or yes.

The group debuted in Korea on October 2015 and released their Japan debut album, “#TWICE,” on June 2017. Their first Korean studio album “Twicetagram” peaked at No. 1 on Billboard’s World Albums last November within nine days of its release. In 2018, TWICE released the Japanese studio album “BDZ,” the Korean reissue “Summer Nights” and EP “What is Love?”

“Yes or Yes” is the most distinct track on the newest EP due to its instantaneous launch into an upbeat chorus. This has only been done in one other TWICE song, “Likey.” “Yes or Yes” features a catchy rhythm, which is reinforced through repetition in the verses and an optimistic tone. The various changes in tempo make the song an entertaining experience without being overwhelming. The nonstop energy and playful nuances in “Yes or Yes” stand out from the rest of the EP and their past singles.

The EP also hints at other genres. For example, “LALALA,” a slightly jazz-themed track, is more organic, with some clear bass and high pitched piano, which is a refreshing change from the electronic instrumental in the title track. Written solely by 22-year-old Jeongyeon, “LALALA” celebrates living in the moment and letting go of any worries. The chorus packs a punch with a melodic repetition of “LALALA, clap clap your hands,” and rivals the impact of “Yes or Yes.”

“Young & Wild” is co-written by 19-year-old TWICE member, Chaeyoung, and partially produced by Kim Petras, a transgender German singer-songwriter. “Young & Wild” explores more breaks in its flow through voice manipulation and is more instrumentally simplistic, which highlights the rap verses well but borders on generic.

The additional tracks on the EP have a similar blend of bubblegum bliss, with an exception of the last track, “After Moon,” a pop ballad. Additionally, the fifth track, “Sunset,” is written by the  21-year-old leader of TWICE, Jihyo.

Despite the similar love interest narratives heard on their past singles such as “What is Love?” and “TT,” TWICE continue to impress with their creativity and musicality.

TWICE’s enthusiasm resonates impressively above the language barrier for Western audiences. Although TWICE’s lyrical message is very lighthearted and intentionally naive, their energy outshines this facet and stands out in the rest of the modern pop music realm.