REVIEW: South Korean boy band, BTS, satisfies fans with new documentary ‘Burn the Stage: The Movie’


Courtesy of Google Images

Many BTS fans were satisfied with the highly anticipated film.

The audience consists of eager fans waiting for the seven boys they love to play on the big screen. The seats are full and no one knows what to expect. A serious voice speaks and everyone can’t help but laugh. As fans had hoped, the film reveals the real side of the seven boys they admire.

The heavily anticipated film “Burn the Stage: The Movie” premiered Thursday, Nov. 15, premiering in 70 different countries. It stars Korean boy band BTS and their story, and features their fans from around the world. The group revealed the full story of their climb to global fame with exclusive tour footage and one-on-one interviews with each member — rappers RM, Suga and J-Hope, along with vocalists V, Jimin, Jin and Jungkook.

From the complex production and choreography to eye-opening rehearsals and backstage glimpses, the film captures the enticing experiences of the K-Pop band’s 300-day journey of their sold-out world tour. The movie successfully appeases BTS fans’ appetites.

It includes behind-the-scenes footage and delivers a real retelling of the group’s experiences. Earlier this year, fans did not know why Jungkook abruptly stopped performing at the Chile concert; however, the movie shows that he passed out from exhaustion and was assisted with ice packs and cans of oxygen.

The film feels raw, with camera shakes, humorous zooms and even members’ control of the camera, making fans feel more engaged with the group.

Mostly in their restrained entertainment industry, well-groomed K-Pop artists are portrayed as perfect and far-removed from ordinary life. However, BTS openly captures the hardships and tediousness of stardom as well as insecurities they faced along the way.

Though rumors said the film would be more of an overview of a concert, “Burn the Stage: The Movie” shows natural emotions and offers good life advice. The movie is full of inspirational quotes anyone can apply to their life. In one scene, Suga says, “And today is another opportunity, so let’s work harder than ever,” acknowledging the importance of forgetting about past mistakes.

Though the film is open to everyone, those who are fans are likely to be more submerged as it contains inside jokes and songs that listeners will understand. Additionally, the film is spoken entirely in Korean, but English subtitles are provided.

Even with a language barrier, BTS continues to get their message of “Love yourself” through to the audience. “Burn the Stage: The Movie” provides a real glimpse into K-Pop and gives the fans more than what they expected.