The Family Giving Tree allows the SCHS community to help those in need


Eunice Oh

Students have the option to help those in need, with the simple action of taking a tag.

The Bay Area is one of the wealthiest places in the world. Being the home to many major companies like Tesla, Google and Apple, some may assume the whole city is rich. However, many people in the Bay Area still live in poverty. With the holidays right around the corner, it can be hard for some parents to have to leave their children empty handed. SCHS is currently holding a Family Giving Tree to provide gifts for those who cannot afford them.

“It makes people remember that ‘Hey, not everyone is as fortunate and can receive what we are getting,’” junior class representative Naxely Belmont said. “It is a way that we can contribute and give back.”

Founded in 1990, the Family Giving Tree is an organization that reaches out to families in the community and surprises them with a requested gift. Those who wish to participate take a tag, containing a child’s name, age, gender and gift wish, from a designated tree and purchase a gift that fits their tag.

Once junior Laila Davidson found out about the event, she immediately sprung into action, buying a Justice League Batman action figure for Ethan, a six year old boy. Although she did not know him, Davidson hoped her deed would make his holiday season more enjoyable.

“It’s a higher priority of mine to give than to receive,” Davidson said. “I didn’t have to go very far out of my way to make the holidays special for someone less fortunate than I am.”

If a tag is returned to the Family Giving Tree without a gift, the organization will provide the child with a different gift from their wearhouse. This way, every child may feel the joy of the holidays and experience what Belmont calls the “holiday spirit.”

“Some of these kids are homeless and are in need of support,” freshman class president Blake Levins said. “The least we can do as a community is spread our good wealth to them to put a smile on their face for the holidays.”