The Florists Club strives for campus beautification through the art of gardening

A campus is the place students roam most days of their high school career. Students of the Florists Club at SCHS believe the campus should be clean and feel like an appealing, comfortable place to learn.

Junior Areiah Malonzo said she created the Florists Club to enhance the campus’ overall feel and aesthetic.

“When I first walked into Santa Clara High School, I noticed it’s just brown and white. There’s no flowers here,” Malonzo said. “We’re not even allowed to go to the garden in the back.”

Members and officers hope the Florists Club will create an open and appealing campus.

“This club will help in the process of beautifying our campus along with making our school an even more welcoming community,” said club treasurer junior Jessica Kuang.

Club member junior Jamie Dy said she agrees. While she loves the campus, Dy thinks the planting of flowers would greatly improve the overall aesthetic of SCHS.

“Santa Clara High is a very modern and high-tech high school; however, it’s in need of some beautification,” Dy said. “Adding flowers around campus would make it a much prettier campus and seem less scary of a school.”

As the co-president, Malonzo has many goals for the club, mainly hoping to bring a fresh look and feel to SCHS. She has seen how the lack of proper care of the campus causes many to disrespect it. Students litter in and kick the bushes at SCHS, Malonzo said.

“I feel like if we plant flowers and clean [the campus] up a little bit, people will think to respect it,”  she said.

With these two issues in mind, Malonzo said the club will attempt to fill any place they can with flowers. The club’s goal is to receive approval from Principal Gregory Shelby to plant flowers in the empty boxes outside the D hall. They also wish to sell flowers for Valentine’s Day and provide corsages for students attending Winter Ball in January.

Not only does the club hope to beautify the school, but they want to provide a space for students with a love for botany.

“Florist club will offer those interested in flowers or gardening a chance to express their creative thoughts and ideas,” Kuang said.


Florists Club meets every other Friday in room S112.