The Mock Trial Club strives to create a hardworking, welcoming club

Mock Trial club president senior Minu Jaeger walks up to the podium shaking, but he knows with weeks of preparation, he can convince the judges to be on his side.

“There were butterflies in my stomach…having a judge up there…but it worked out, and we actually got a really good point score for what I thought we did,” Jaeger said.

According to Jaeger, the Mock Trial club was created to give aspiring lawyers a chance to experience being in an actual courtroom.

“It’s for kids that think this is what they want to do, so they can definitely go through and see all the work that goes into it.” Jaeger said.

Club advisor and history teacher Pilar Svendsen believes there are many benefits to joining Mock Trial club. For one, it is an opportunity to do something creative and learn something new while having fun.

“You get to see what it’s like to actually watch a court unfold in a real courtroom and perform in front of real judges and in front of real scorers who are attorneys,” Svendsen said.

Club member sophomore Sophia Diaz praised Mock Trial for the attributes it delivers to the members.

“Mock Trial encourages creativity, and it also encourages people to work as a team and think together…” Diaz said.

At every meeting, the Mock Trial club studies a packet provided by the Constitutional Rights Foundation to prepare for scrimmages and competitions that are being held throughout the city. They go over their scripts and get advice from their coaches to perfect their game. According to club member sophomore Pradeep Kundu, the team faced many trials and failures, and members are continuing to push themselves to improve.

“Our very first one [trial]…defense and prosecution, we both lost. It was our very first time and we knew nothing and slowly started winning some scrimmages,” Kundu said.

Despite what some may think, the Mock Trial club is not just for striving lawyers but also for those interested in drama, according to Svendsen.

“We are looking for actors and kids that are involved in theater and any type of performances,” Svendsen said. “Those are the best for the witness characters because they have a way… to assume a role of somebody else.”

In addition to the club’s focus and determination, Kundu said the team has formed a close bond.

“We are a family,” Kundu said. “We are a very awkward and dysfunctional family.”