OPINION: Eliminating the privilege of Netflix on school Chromebooks was a long time coming


Melina Kritikopoulos

The ban was supposed to have been implemented when the chromebooks arrived.

When SCHS completed Chromebook distribution at the end of 2017, students were able to access Netflix. It was only recently that  SCHS student Chromebooks were blocked from accessing the popular online streaming website. Aside from taking away some viewing pleasure from the students, this is a step in the right direction.

Netflix was supposed to be banned from school computers years ago, according to principal Gregory Shelby. In fact, he had no idea it was available to students. Netflix’s accessibility on the computers was overlooked for about a year and was finally addressed earlier this week.

With freedom comes responsibility, and by having Netflix at their fingertips, students were often tempted. Research has shown that the brain is developing dramatically in the teenage years and because of this, addiction is easier to form. In class, instead of being concentrated on schoolwork, many students switched between tabs from Netflix to their actual work. This caused great distraction and decreased productivity.

Blocking the site should reduce the number of pupils fooling around in class instead of being focused on their work. It should eliminate some temptation and encourage students to pay attention and complete their assignments. Blocking Netflix may help students finish homework sooner and without distractions. This could allow them to get more sleep and be refreshed and ready for the next day. The advantages speak for themselves.

Some might object, saying that blocking Netflix will lessen student motivation to finish their work and enjoy free time. However, when pupils had access to Netflix, it was constantly seen in the classroom instead of assignments being completed. The availability of the website was abused and became a vast problem.

The school should be able to decide what the Chromebooks are used for because they are not the students’ property. Students may be disappointed with having this privilege taken away, but it is for the students’ own good to cultivate self-control and productivity.