Varsity boys soccer deprived of senior night

The SCHS boys soccer teams’ seasons were cut short after receiving several red cards during their ongoing probation. According to head soccer coach Dan Sequeira, JV earning multiple red cards earlier in the season pushed the boys soccer program to a tipping point. Varsity receiving their first red card during their Feb. 11 game caused Principal Gregory Shelby and the school’s athletic directors to end their season.

This call was especially devastating to many senior varsity members.

Varsity ended the season with a 4-4-3 record and were one game away from CCS. As a coach, Sequeira said he was saddened by the decision but accepted it.

“I had a meeting with the boys, said congratulations to the seniors and told them it was a great year,” Sequeira said. “We were almost there, but this is a rebuilding process.”

One varsity player, senior Kyle Yun, was shocked by the cancellation and believes the team had an impressive season. He is proud that they were able to remain undefeated on home turf.

“This year we may have not had the most talent compared to previous years, but in my four years, this team definitely had the most chemistry and was my favorite group of teammates to be around,” Yun said.

Another disadvantage of having their season cut short, according to senior Sohaib Hassan, is not being able to experience senior night. Hassan and his teammates were upset by the call because the team was not previously told they were one red card away from forfeiting their season. He said the soccer team is the only SCHS team to have received such repercussions, noting that red cards are just a part of the game, similar to how football players get flagged and basketball players get fouled.

“The school and those who were involved in the decision not only stole senior night from the parents, but also stole CCS from us, the players,” Hassan said. “It’s time someone steps up and stops this discrimination.”

Yun believes senior night to be mainly for parents to see how far their child has come in the season. He feels sad for his family, who, having heard news of the premature end of his season, were disappointed and heartbroken. Hassan feels similar.

“Senior night is not only for us the players, it’s for our parents,” Hassan said. “It’s to thank them for the late drives in the harsh rain, for coming out in the cold nights and showing support.”

A meeting with the athletic directors, the coaches and Principal Shelby was held on Feb. 13 to officially end the season. Overall, Sequeira, although disheartened by the sudden turn of events, is incredibly proud of his team and wishes his seniors luck.

Team members like Yun also wish their season had not ended so abruptly.

“It was crushing knowing our season is over now, leaving us with the thought of how far we could’ve gone since we were basically in CCS,” Yun said. “We didn’t get the chance to prove our doubters wrong.”