SCHS students are turning the Ketogenic diet into a lifestyle


Tatiana Serrano

The Keto diet creates a fast fat-loss experience.

Diets have risen and dropped in popularity overtime just like the instability of many people’s weight who try them. Different weight loss tricks surface and usually become contradicted by new diet fads. The Ketogenic diet is currently a popular method some are using to achieve quick weight loss. People, such as SCHS sophomore Maia Garcia and junior Samantha Espinoza, are turning this diet into a long-term lifestyle.

Garcia and Espinoza both recently started the Keto diet for the new year. So far, Garcia especially likes that she can snack a lot more.

“At first it’s hard, but it gets so much easier,” Garcia said. “I have been eating a lot more proteins and nuts, such as almonds and turkey.”

The Keto diet is known for the fast fat-loss results many experience, which involves eating very few carbohydrates and a big quantity of fat. Carbohydrates turn into glucose that turn into stored excess fat. The Keto diet forces the body to burn fat instead of carbs for fuel, which lets the body achieve a state of ketosis. This is when the body switches into “fat burning mode.” Theoretically, the less carbs the body has, the more fat the body burns.

“Going into the Keto Diet, my goal was to become healthier,” Espinoza said. “A few pounds were dropped… I did this as a challenge to myself both mentally and physically.”

The Atkins method, similar to the Keto diet, is another low-carb weight-loss system. There are, however, slight differences. Keto is more restrictive, limiting the amount of protein consumed. The Atkins way has been around since 1960, according to the Atkins website, and has been the source of inspiration for low-carb eating habits ever since.

Control over temptations is one of the greater lessons one learns with this diet,”  Espinoza said when beginning the Keto diet. “The first few weeks were easy, but sometimes I would have those days where all I wanted was to eat waffles.”

Before people receive the benefits of the diet, they might go through the “Keto flu,” which refers to common side effects experienced as the body is getting used to the dietary changes. These consequences may include headaches, sugar cravings and fatigue. On the other hand, some people do not deal with negative effects and see results right away.

“I think that all of the side effects I have experienced are very positive. Honestly, the only one I can think of would have to be gaining energy throughout the day,” Garcia said.

A low-carb regimine, like the Keto diet, has been shown to increase fat burned, lower blood sugar and reduce insulin levels. It can also increase energy levels, according to multiple Keto participants, and may help those who need a jump start to a new healthy lifestyle.

“I feel so much more energized for track season and feel so much healthier as a person,” Garcia said.