REVIEW: ‘Captain Marvel’ arrives with unsatisfactory results


Courtesy of Google Images

Larson’s depiciton of Danvers provides a positive to the otherwise bland film.

“Captain Marvel” starring Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson was released worldwide on Friday, Mar. 8. Co-directed by Anna Boden, “Captain Marvel” showcases the talents of various women on screen and set, and it came out on International Women’s Day. Academy Award winner Larson gives an excellent performance as the mysterious and powerful Carol Danvers, but her acting is not enough to carry this two hour and seven minute feature.

Marvel fans have eagerly awaited a continuation in their beloved cinematic universe following the tragic events of “Infinity War.” However, “Captain Marvel” falls short of high expectations.

As Marvel’s first female superhero flick, “Captain Marvel” lacks a certain personality like other Marvel features, notably “Guardians of the Galaxy,” which is filled with colorful characters and visuals. The movie starts on an alien planet with Danvers already equipped with powers, which causes a lack of story progression and character growth, and parts of the film fall flat. Although this is a major factor, it can be overlooked due to the excellent leads.

Larson and Jackson have impeccable chemistry, feeding off of each other with each line – there is no dull moment when the two interact. In addition to their collaboration, Goose the Cat and shapeshifting alien, Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), provide comic relief.

“Captain Marvel” shows the birth of the Avengers initiative, so someone not caught up with their Marvel trivia will miss many easter eggs and recurring characters. The film opens with a reedited Marvel opening sequence of Stan Lee’s various appearances across previous movies. A touching moment in “Captain Marvel” was the last of Stan Lee’s cameos.

Lee, who passed away in November, was the father of beloved heroes like Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Lee has made appearances in every Marvel movie since the studio’s debut with “Iron Man.” His cameo in “Captain Marvel” was a touching nod and classy way to wrap up over a decade of tradition.

The soundtrack was mundane, with a few recognizable ‘90s hits, the decade in which the movie takes place. There were some gripping cinematography directions in fight scenes and flashbacks, but it seems Marvel has reverted back to dark, muted colors, which look displeasing to the eye.

Overall, Larson’s and Jackson’s performances and witty banter do not blend with the generic fight choreography and bland color palette. Carol Danvers’s debut on the big screen made for an entertaining movie but nothing beyond “good” action movie standards.