REVIEW: BTS shows fans love with “Map of the Soul: Persona”


Courtesy of Google Images

This is the groups’ first album of 2019.

After many teasers and hints, Korean pop boy band, BTS, dropped their new album “Map of the Soul: Persona,” on Friday Apr. 12, starting the next chapter in their musical journey. The title of the new album is fitting as BTS captures different places around the globe with their diverse tracks and collaborations.

Fans of the group dig deep into the meaning of this new beginning and have unveiled that the album’s title was inspired by “Jung’s Map of the Soul,” a study written by psychoanalyst Dr. Murray Stein, providing a philosophical touch to the album.

The album features all 7 members; rappers, RM, Suga, and J-Hope, and vocalists, Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook. In total there are 7 tracks, the album opening up with “Intro: Persona,” a hard-hitting, confident solo rap by RM.

The group’s title track, “Boy with Luv,” features American singer, Halsey, in a funky dance track. Accompanied by an energetic and colorful music video, the song opens up with a woozy tune accompanied by lively strings. “Boy with Luv” is smooth and upbeat, as the 7 members and Halsey sing about being the nominal male trying out a new love.

Every track gives off a different vibe, with a wide array of sounds and styles. The calm EDM vibes of “Mikrokosmos” tie in perfectly with the cross of pop and R&B that is present in the following song, “Make it Right,” written by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

“HOME” brings on the most contrasting tune, an old-school groove. The track contains multiple languages, a bit of Spanish, as well as English and Korean. With meaningful lyrics that hold gratitude for their current success, BTS dedicates “Home” to their fans.

The boys change it up a bit and introduce a new sub-unit consisting of J-Hope, Jin and Jungkook who feature on the sixth track, “Jamais Vu.” Titled after a phrase in French that refers to a feeling or place that seems familiar but is not, the song captures a reflective heartbreak. The lyrics “Please give me a/ A remedy, a melody/ A memory that’s left behind just for me,” transport listeners into the feeling of falling apart, with the tiniest bit of hope left.

The last track, “Dionysus” holds a dynamic sound with a mix of rock and hip-hop. The song incorporates traditional Korean folk music and the Greek god of wine to create the feeling of drunkenness in the song.

Each track in the album tells a different story, however they all come together to take on the same theme. “Map of the Soul: Persona” successfully carries listeners through an exploration of BTS’ philosophy towards love, individuality, their fans and their career.