REVIEW: ‘A Dog’s Journey’ takes audiences on an beautiful and emotional story of man’s best friend


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The film combines comedy and emotion to evoke many feelings from viewers.

Every time Bailey died, the audience erupted into tears. Seconds later, Bailey had been reincarnated. Tearjerking and emotional yet hilarious, “A Dog’s Journey” hit theaters on Friday, May 17.

Directed by Gail Mancuso, “A Dog’s Journey” leaves off where its 2017 hit prequel “A Dog’s Purpose” ends. Both movies follow the journey of Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad), a dog who is reincarnated over and over again, as he seeks to protect the people he loves.

While “A Dog’s Purpose” focuses on Bailey finding his way back to his first owner Ethan (Dennis Quaid), “A Dog’s Journey” follows Bailey’s adventures as he searches for and takes care of Ethan’s granddaughter CJ (Kathryn Prescott). Throughout the movie, Bailey comes back in three new forms: Molly, Big Dog and Max.

One of the best parts of the series is Josh Gad’s hysterical voiceovers of Bailey. For example, when male Bailey is reborn as female Molly, Gad perfectly narrates Bailey’s feelings when he recognizes that he is no longer a male.

Along with the compelling story of the bond between a faithful dog and its owner, the film explores many universal topics, such as loneliness, family and love. CJ struggles living alone with her single alcoholic mother and eventually moves to New York with little money to pursue a music career. As the movie progresses, their relationship slowly mends as both her mother and grandparents become a part of CJ’s life again.

Another touching plotline was the relationship between CJ and her best friend Trent (Henry Lau). As children, the best friends adopted two dogs together, Molly, Bailey’s beagle form, and Rocky. Trent and CJ grew apart after high school. Years later, Max, Bailey’s yorkshire terrier form, brings the two back together in New York. Trent offers CJ a place to live, and the two realize they have always loved each other. The wonderful development of CJ and Trent from best friends to lovers had everyone in the audience rooting for the couple.

“A Dog’s Journey” ends in a very satisfying way. As Bailey fulfills his goal of protecting CJ, he finally reaches peace and runs through a field while changing through all of his different dog forms before finding Ethan again. This ending left the audience in tears as they witnessed the full and heartwarming story of man’s best friend.

Lighthearted and beautiful, “A Dog’s Journey” leaves audience in emotional pieces.